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Pivot vs Sliding Shower Doors

When designing a new shower, there are many factors to think about, from shower heads and faucet finishes to enclosure type and shower door style. It can be easy to dismiss your shower door as just a necessity and choose the most practical, but you have options like style, finish, clear or frosted and patterned glass. 

While you're exploring the shower doors available to you, you'll also need to consider how you'll get into and out of your shower; with either a pivot or sliding door. Let's talk about the pros and cons of pivot and sliding shower doors to help you determine which is best for your bathroom.

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Why Choose an Enclosure Over a Shower Door

Glass shower doors and enclosures have a definitive high-end appeal you just can't capture with a shower curtain. While a shower curtain can provide color and a softer material that absorbs sound and reduces echo, choosing glass is a definite upgrade. If you move from a shower door to a full shower enclosure, you are making a luxurious style statement. Here's why you might choose an enclosure over a shower door.

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What is a Shower Enclosure?

As homes become more modern and sleek, bathrooms are changing to accommodate new styles, technologies and fixtures. Your shower is a perfect example.

Showers are no longer bound to tubs. Instead, you shower can be the focal point for relaxation and comfort. With a shower enclosure, contemporary showers have everything you need within one beautifully crafted area. Continue reading to discover the ways shower enclosures have evolved.

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Hansgrohe vs Grohe Rain Shower Heads

Hansgrohe and Grohe are two distinct brands with family ties. Hans Grohe founded hansgrohe in 1901 after inventing the shower; it was made out of tin and provided a more economical way of bathing. Grohe was established after Hans' son, Friedrich, bought a company and renamed it after himself in 1948. Both companies specialize in high-end, high-quality faucets and fixtures with a European flair, including their rain shower heads that give you a luxurious, soaking spray every time you step in the shower.

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Your Toilet: 4 Important Points to Consider

Your toilet is the most important seat in the house because of how it whisks away some of life's more important tasks. Over the last several years, toilets have undergone some radical changes, including:

  • Creating design elements and inserting toilets into bathroom collections for a stylish and cohesive look
  • Integrating emerging technologies to make doing your business a truly hands-off experience
  • Raising the bowl height a couple of inches to make it easier to both sit down and stand back up again
  • New flushing mechanisms that get the job done with less water

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Delta vs Moen Shower Valves

The ideal shower requires more than the perfect shower head or decorative trim. The comfort of a shower begins with the valves you use, whether you want something simple or more elaborate to accommodate your luxury shower.

Let’s compare Delta vs. Moen shower valves to see how much of a role valves play when designing your shower. The valves you install play a key role in your shower’s success.

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Valves Make Your Perfect Shower Possible

The valve behind the wall of your shower lacks a certain amount of sex appeal, but it is one of the hardest working components in your bathroom. Your valve directs water where you want it to go no matter if you have a shower-over-tub configuration or a luxury system with body sprays and multiple shower heads.

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What is a Shower Valve

Your shower valve is the most important part of your shower you never see. Valves are decidedly un-sexy, but, without them, your gorgeous shower trim won't yield a single drop of water. Shower valves are integral to any shower system, responsible for controlling water temperature and the flow of water.

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Houzer vs Barclay vs Rohl Fire Clay Sinks

Fire clay sinks are the most durable kitchen sinks available for your kitchen. Fire clay sinks also look gorgeous and stand up to the use and abuse of the busiest room in your home. Three manufacturers: Houzer, Barclay and Rohl all offer fire clay sinks in a variety of sizes and colors, giving you the freedom to bring your perfect remodel vision to life.

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Luxury Bathroom Faucets: KALLISTA vs Brizo

KALLISTA and Brizo are well-known, respected brands because of their beautifully designed bathroom faucets that feature superior functionality and reliability. The KALLISTA brand lives under the Kohler umbrella, a powerhouse in the plumbing industry, and Brizo is the luxury line of faucets for Delta, inventors of the revolutionary Touch technology. Despite many similarities, there are a few points that differentiate the two lines.

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Zero Radius vs Near-Zero Radius Kitchen Sinks

Zero radius sinks are a popular choice for homeowners looking for a modern, sophisticated and practical sink style to complete their dream kitchen. Both zero and near-zero sinks are available in a variety of styles, finishes and materials, ready to match any decor. Here are some differences and options for you to consider.

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3 Bathroom Budgets, 3 Bathroom Collections

Bathroom collections can be one of the easiest ways to add style and charm to your bathroom remodel no matter your budget. By shopping for a collection instead of individual pieces, you'll create an effortless, cohesive look with a kind of one-stop shopping. Let's look at high-quality faucets and fixtures from Moen, Brizo and KALLISTA; collections at three different price points.

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